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Experience Suriname at its best!

Residence Inn is a Surinamese enterprise and a subsidiary of the national airline company Surinam Airways.

Residence Inn Paramaribo with 39 rooms also offers all modern comfort and facilities of a 3 star hotel. The hotel was opened in 1998 and was fully renovated ad refurnished in 2014. The building, located in peaceful surroundings, belonged to the former Embassy of the Soviet Union and was transformed into a hotel with a beautiful tropical garden. In 2014, Residence Inn Paramaribo was also fully renovated and refurnished to meet the demands and wishes of both tourist and business guests.

The hotel is located outside the bustle of city and traffic, close to the Suriname River, at 10 minutes walking distance from the (entertainment) centre of historic Paramaribo.


Residence Inn Nickerie has 24 rooms and offers all comfort and facilities of a 3 star hotel. The hotel was opened in 1997 and was fully renovated and refurnished in 2014, according to the current demands.

The hotel is situated in bustling Nieuw Nickerie, the second largest city in Suriname, at the border with neighboring country Guyana. A visit to Residence Inn Nickerie can therefore conveniently be combined with a trip to exotic Guyana.


Experience the real Suriname in Residence Paramaribo and Residence Inn Nickerie!

Experience Suriname at its best!